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The Lombrico Automated Crawler for Remote Hose-End Control

The Lombrico remote controlled, double tracked crawler gets the vacuum hose-end directly into dangerous and hazardous material and hard to reach places – keeping the operator out of harms way. Ideal for confined spaces and no man entry in such environments as steel plants, refineries and mining operations, the innovative Lombrico mini excavator can be used to vacuum settled material in sewage pipelines, manifolds and tunnels larger than 2.6 feet (80 cm) in diameter.

The compact Lombrico is available in different sizes with a wide range of tooling. Offered exclusively by FS Solutions with 12 convenient nationwide locations and from Joe Johnson Equipment with 8 Canadian locations.

  • Mini robot for remote hose end control
  • Many different head configurations and designs available to meet your application needs
  • Eliminates Operator Risk
  • Safe Operations in Confined Spaces
  • Eliminates the need for confined space permitting
  • Safe cleaning operation without the need of plant stoppage
  • Operator works in safe areas at a safe distance
  • Compact size and track drive system can easily access tight or otherwise inaccessible locations
  • Hydraulic or electric drive systems available
  • Exclusively available from FS Solutions nationwide locations