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FS Solutions training instructorFS Solutions Safety Training

As the experts on water blast and industrial vacuum equipment, FS Solutions makes OSHA training and compliance more convenient than ever through interactive courses developed for the water blast and industrial vacuum industries.


Train online with Federal Signal ESG University

  • Work at your pace and convenience
  • Remain compliant with OSHA training
  • Safely increase productivity
  • Decrease risk of future liability

Available courses

fundamentals of water blast theory, skills and safetyFundamentals of Water Blast Theory, Skills and Safety – $300

Four modules that include water blasting basics, history, operation, trouble shooting and safety rules for pipe cleaning, tube lancing and other tasks.

Vacuum / Air Moving Fundamentals, Skills and Safety – $150

This training course is comprised of two modules. In the first module you will know the difference between liquid vacuum units and air movers and how they work, the science of industrial vacuuming, and proper industrial vacuum job procedures. The second module features an extensive discussion on vacuum safety considerations.

OSHA's Combustible Dust National Compliance Directive – $75

An overview of OSHA’s Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program and introduces the history, who is covered, what is involved, ways to mitigate a combustible dust primary explosion and what the National Emphasis Program means to the industrial cleaning industry.

Maximize Power of Water Jetters through Tip and Hose Selection – $75

This course covers the basic concepts of:

  • Using the horsepower formula to solve for pressure, flow and horsepower
  • Components of tip design
  • Factors affecting tip performance
  • Unique issues in pipe cleaning, tube cleaning, shotgun cleaning and automatic tool cleaning

These skills can also be used to analyze job productivity to determine what water jetting equipment is required to perform at maximum efficiency.

vacuum skills and estimating the vacuum jobEstimating the Vacuum Job – $75

This course focuses on the basic mathematic and geometric principles in determining volume, square footage and linear feet of objects to be vacuumed. Vacuum estimation stresses cycle times, realistic vacuum truck capacities and the basic calculations mentioned to enable the student to successfully estimate production times on vacuum jobs. These skills can also be used to analyze job production to determine if the job is being performed at maximum efficiency.

Fundamentals of Hydro-excavating Safety and Skills – $150

This two-module course covers the unique challenges associated with hydro-excavating, including:

  • Benefits of hydro-excavation
  • Safety hazards unique to hydro-excavation
  • Proper operations
  • Identifying and preserving underground utilities
  • Means of maximizing productivity with the units